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Natural Remedy for Type 2 Diabetes For many years, diabetes has been considered as a metabolic condition. The treatment options for diabetes have been therefore lined to solve metabolic complications. The result is that patients will have to live on lifetime dependence on insulin injection. The average life expectancy is lowered by diabetes by between five to eight years. The digestive disorder occasioned by diabetes leads to suppression of the body immunity. Among the risk that diabetes patients are circulatory complications. A natural cure for type 2 diabetes have been established thanks to the continued passion for better health by medical researchers. It has come to the consciousness of the medical community that type 2 diabetes is more of an autoimmune disorder than metabolic problem. The discovery of these facts have been f great help; in development of other treatments alternative to insulin injection. Patients who are on the alternative methodology have to continue with their insulin injection until their body have reversed the diabetes symptoms. Microbes and parasites are responsible for the damage of the body immunity. The pancreas and the liver are attacked by the parasites and microbes. In addition to taking nutrients meant for the organ, they excrete dangerous acids. As a result of lack of food, the pancreas ability to produce insulin is compromised. With more than the body can handle myotoxins, and autoimmunity develops. Autoimmune disorder is characterized by the body fighting against its cells.
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The natural remedy for type 2 diabetes is conducted in two stages. The fist part involves identifying the cause of the autoimmune condition. This is identifying the microbes and parasites responsible for the liver or pancreas damage. A high culprit is the herpes group of virus which have been identified in most patients wit type 2 diabetes.In many cases; there has been observance of the liver fluke. The treatment for this stage involves nutritional protocol to kill the microbes and parasites. A professional doctor should prescribe this protocol.
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The second stage of the natural cure for diabetes involves restoring the body immunity. The damage done by the microbes and parasites to the organs leads to a reduction in the body immunity. It is, therefore, important to take food that will help repair the cells and reenergize the weakened organs. The ability of the pancreas and liver to produce their respective substances will be restored. There are various foods that the patient would have to incorporate so as to ensure a recovery. Food supplements are of great use in this recovery. The supplements ensures that there are nutrients that the pancreas require to produce insulin and therefore control the level of blood sugar in the body. The treatment is based on the self adjusting mechanism of the body when everything is provided and no external invasion.