Some Resistance Tube Workout Ways For Weight Loss

An advantageous and viable approach to get in shape and attempt a complete quality preparing workout of all your significant muscle gatherings is to utilize a resistance tube. A resistance tube workout can be bought for about $30 from most games and wellness shops or over the web, and give an incredible workout in the accommodation of your home or office. Since resistance tube workout instruments are light and simple to bear, you can even bring them with you when you travel, so there is never any reason not to work out!

The resistance tube depends on flexibility to make resistance, and can without much of a stretch be controlled to suit your level of quality. They are incredible on the grounds that they are a simple and safe approach to begin with quality preparing – there is no weight or dumbbell to drop or lose control of, and no superfluous weight on the spine. The resistance tube program given here ought to be utilized as a part of conjunction with an oxygen consuming or strolling program.


* The resistance tube workout equipment has two handles attached by an elasticised tube. They are available in different colors, to indicate the resistive strength of the tube, which is determined by its thickness. Select a band with a suitable level of intensity for your current strength. Some tubes contain latex, to which some people are allergic, but latex-free tubes are available.

* A door attachment.. for a number of important exercises that require the resistance tube to be secured at its center point. The door attachment is fastened in a closed door to provide a secure anchor point for the tube. It can be purchased wherever resistance tubes are available. If you don’t have a door attachment or a suitable doorway, the resistance tube workout can instead be placed around a fixed object, such as a bedpost or table leg, at the desired height.

Safety considerations.

* Before each workout, check for holes or worn spots in the tubing and replace if you see any tears; damaged tubes can break under tension.

* Do your resistance tube workout on carpet, wooden floors or grass, that is, on any non-slip surface except asphalt or cement, abrasive surfaces can tear your tube.

* Ensure you have plenty of free space around you to exercise properly.

* Wear comfortable, supportive athletic shoes, not sandals or dress shoes. Do not try to exercise with bare feet.

* Make sure the tubing is secured underfoot or on a secure anchor before you begin each exercise. When using the door attachment, remember either to lock the door or to tell those around you what you’re doing, so that they don’t inadvertently use the door.

Preliminary instructions.

* Before starting the resistance tube workout program make sure you have read the instructions for each exercise carefully.

* Always maintain correct body alignment and posture, as shown in the photographs (it may be easier to exercise in front of a mirror). Incorrect posture can cause injury.

* For all standing exercises, keep your knees slightly bent, your feet shoulder-width apart, your weight distributed evenly and your toes pointing forwards.

* Your abdominal muscles should be pulled in, your chest expanded, your head and neck held straight and your eyes focused straight ahead.

* Perform the resistance tube workout program in the given order in a circuit-type fashion, with a short rest period (about l minute) between each exercise.

* When you are required to complete more than one set for each exercise, repeat the same exercise for the desired number of sets, taking a 30-60 second break between each set. Then move on to the next exercise in the workout.

* Complete the program 2-3 times a week. Allow at least one rest day between each resistance tube workout session, to allow sufficient recovery. lt’s a great idea to alternate your strength-training days with your walking program.

* Always start each exercise with slight tension on the tube. The tension will increase through the movement.

* You should perform each exercise at a level where it feels some-what difficult and where you feel fatigued on the last repetition of each set.

* Those exercises where the tube is anchored away from your body become easier to perform as you become stronger. To maintain the intensity of the resistance tube workout exercise, stand further away from the point of attachment to create greater tension in the tube.

* Only increase the level of resistance when you can comfortably complete the specified number of repetitions.

* Remember to keep breathing – never hold your breath. Breathe out during the initial motion of the exercise (that is, when you are pulling on the tube) and breathe in on the return phase.

* Perform the exercises in a slow and controlled manner by taking about 4 seconds for each repetition, that is, about 2 seconds to pull on the tube and 2 seconds to return to the starting position.

* Remember if you can’t complete the entire workout in one session, you can break it into two sessions during the day. Do half in the morning and half at night. You can even complete your resistance tube workout while watching TV The important thing is that you do it!

* A day or two after your initial workout, you can become sore, particularly if you’re not used to that type of exercise. lt’s just your body’s way of letting you know that the exercise workout was effective and that you worked hard.

* After the first few resistance tube workout s the delayed muscle soreness will dissipate as your muscles get used to the exercise.