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Should I allow my child to play rugby?

Rugby is a very popular sport, played in hundreds of clubs across the UK every weekend from September to the end of April. Events like the World Cup, Six Nations competition and European Rugby Champions Cup attract millions of viewers.

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As a contact sport, rugby does have its detractors, including doctors, who worry about the physical impact the game has, especially on children. It’s these concerns which may explain why rugby appears far less regularly on the school sports timetable than other sports like football and tennis. It does require specific training and knowledge, which is why most rugby is played at weekends at grassroots clubs all over the country.

The governing body, the RFU, constantly monitors and reassesses its guidelines in order to make the sport as safe as possible, and these rules are applied to every single level of rugby, from the under fives in the micros section to the professional senior game.

The Kids First rugby programme

With this in mind, at the beginning of the current season, the RFU introduced the Kids First programme for the under 7 to the under 13 age groups, as part of the RFU’s Age Grade Rugby. According to the RFU, clubs that are participating in the Age Grade Rugby and Kids’ First programmes are committing to making rugby fun and inclusive, by ensuring that all children are included, regardless of skill, developing confidence and helping champion rugby’s core values of teamwork, respect, enjoyment, discipline and sportsmanship.

Club involvement in the programme is designed to ease parents’ concerns, by keeping children happy and as safe as possible. With any sport, injuries will inevitably happen, but the RFU and the clubs are taking as many precautions as they can to prevent them.

Age-specific skills

Each age group is taught specific skills, so that full contact elements like tackling and scrum are introduced carefully to minimise any potential injury risks. Online resources such as are invaluable to coaches, as they allow them to plan training sessions and make sure any new rugby drill is tailored to each targeted age group.

Varying sessions and drills help the kids develop the broad range of skills and techniques needed for the game, and help promote the RFU’s key aim, which is to keep rugby fun and inclusive and safe.

8 Lessons Learned: Treatments

Addiction Advocacy: What You Should Know Addiction is a progressive illness that affects the entire life of both the addicts and their closest loved ones. Addiction, particularly, drug addiction is quite difficult to get away from, that most addicts often need to be rehabilitated. An increasingly high number of people is succumbing to addiction than cancer and other illnesses. Addiction advocacy focus on saving lives of those suffering from addiction and helping their families recover. Addiction advocacy foster education and awareness of addiction and general mental health issues. They offer a reliable voice on various issues related to addiction treatment and recovery, prevention, as well as facilitate conversation among those still suffering with addiction, those in recovery, and the society at large.
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Those suffering from addiction may face different problems including discrimination in student financial aid, employment, health insurance, and housing. Other common problems they can possibly face may include stigmatization, societal disapproval, and shame. This makes it harder for such individuals and their families to deal with the problems and get the help they need. Addiction advocates fight for the rights of addicts and their families ensuring fair and equitable treatment in employment, insurance coverage, federal educational loan programs, and housing.
Where To Start with Tips and More
Addiction advocates provide the resources and opportunity to help change government, industry, medical, and societal policies and educate the general public on the rights, needs, and struggles of those in recovery. They are committed to shaping public policy, eliminating stigma, educating people everywhere about the problems of addiction and the potential of recovery. Addicts will most often respond to kindness and understanding when it is administered by a professional or properly given. Addiction advocacy establishments provide individual and group therapy to those struggling with addiction. They have highly skilled and considerate counselors who offer support to individuals on their journey to recovery. A person addicted to alcohol or drugs has a very specific need to search for quality addiction treatment that will offer comprehensive assessment of the current situation. This involves assessing potential causes and conditions that may prevent a good prognosis as well as help in addressing any spiritual, vocational, emotional, mental as well as legal problems. The treatment center should able be capable of creating a comprehensive treatment plan that can be customized to suit the individual needs of patients as rehabilitation progresses. Since there are numerous addiction treatment options available in the marketplace, establishing a right treatment for each individual can be a difficult task. In order to help you find quality addiction treatment that is capable of addressing various consequences of active addiction; it is essential that you contact a licensed addiction advocate. They evaluate and collect information about a client and them find a treatment that suits their needs best and assist in getting them admitted into the treatment center.

Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Services? This May Help

Enhance Healthcare in America People and health are inseparable. Every person has a right to affordable and quality healthcare. Every provider of health should follow the standards set for provision of healthcare. To ensure efficient healthcare system the insurance companies should remit money to the hospitals and health facilities within the time to ensure that everything runs well. Healthcare should be made available to all the people. To help people obtain quality heath care the doctors should provide people with vital information. Information would enable the people to understand health care system. There would be the significant improvement if people are given information. Efficiency at the health facilities would come about when people have access to information. Proper coordination among the healthcare providers will ensure that everybody is taken care of. The doctors should try and understand the gender differences. Male and females are not equal regarding how they react to drugs. A lesser dose should be given to a woman as compared to the man. Both women and men should have a different blood enzyme test when it comes to testing heart attack. The male enzyme test used in hospitals misses out on a significant number of heart attacks on women.
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Doctors should encourage their patients to adopt healthy habits like exercising at least thrice per week. The doctor should tell their patients about the importance of exercises. Encouraging people to drink at least six glasses of water daily would cut the levels of hospital visits. The doctors should also advise and encourage people to eat healthy food that obey the rule of three, that is for every meal a person should eat a balanced diet- proteins, vitamins, and carbohydrates. The doctors should advise the people to keep off junk foods to avoid obesity and cardiovascular diseases and cancer.
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Giving incentives to the doctors who provide primary care would help reduce major diseases since they advise and encourage people to always be careful with small symptoms of disease especially by visiting the health facilities when such signs come knocking. The doctors who give primary care health services help people avoid horrible habits that could contribute to deadly diseases and conditions. If doctors could integrate and share their knowledge and expertise in treating the most notorious diseases and conditions the people could get much-needed relief from notorious diseases and conditions. The doctors should integrate; they should come together and help to solve the puzzles of some of the most terminal illnesses. The health care system would improve the concerted efforts of all the stakeholders.

Using Fat Loss Supplements for Body Building

Yes, we use fat loss supplements! We’re more eager to lose our fat, but not on building our bodies. Although the fat loss is significant, it should be understood that building our bodies is equally critical. So, how can we take it forward? We should take it in a healthy way. How? I am here to tell you how to use the fat loss supplementation as supplements for body building. Aren’t you up for it? Let’s review this here…

Before starting, I like to remind you that you must ensure that these supplements are suitable for you prior to consumption. Now, let’s kick-start:


Mass harvesting that is being done today makes our food to lack nutrition in several ways. Adding essence to this issue, our crops are sprayed with pesticides and other chemicals and the animals are given the hormones. These factors are spoiling our health. Reports say that a constant intake of the multivitamins as supplements could repair and promote our health. Also, they would aid in preventing diseases. If we’re able to take them with other supplements like minerals, calcium, and folic acid, our immune system will get strengthened. When you’re on dieting you’re bound to cut some essentials, right? Complement them with these!


You’ll be aware that amino acids are stepping stones proteins and hence, whenever you take proteins, they will be broken down into shorter chains of amino acids. These would reach various parts and would aid in tissue repairs. They also would aid in chemical production that works on our brain to work optimally. These also have proven effects on speed recovery and ATP synthesis. Now, you’re excited, right? Yes, why shouldn’t you use these to lose fat and build body in parallel? These would be great for cutting fat, as well as for retaining the mass. Just try them!

Whey Protein:

According to the research team at, this is the best version of protein one could have. These supplements would provide everything that is necessary for building up amino acids been involved in muscle building. Yes, as a bodybuilder, you’d be aware of the significance of proteins, right? Several studies are done to estimate the usefulness of whey protein compared to others. And yes, they found these contain the best mix of amino acids that too in right proportions. Thus, they’d aid in the optimal functioning of our body. I’d say these will enhance the responses of our body both in hormonal and cellular ways.


Post workout sessions, you tend to lose glutamine up to fifty percent. These are essential for fueling our immune system and hence, these need to be complemented. As per various studies, supplementing with glutamine will lower the breaking down of muscle tissues. Moreover, these also have the ability to enhance your protein metabolism. Furthermore, these are also showing volumizing effects on our cells. Thus, bodybuilders can accomplish a lot by consuming these as supplements. To note, they don’t have any deteriorating effects on your muscles!